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3 Reasons Why Estate Executors Need a Probate Attorney in Florida

3 Reasons Why Estate Executors Need a Probate Attorney in FloridaIf you are a Personal Representative (executor) of an estate, Florida law is clear as to your
responsibilities and obligations. Florida law specifically requires you to retain a Florida attorney . While you may think that any attorney will do, you really need an experienced attorney that dedicates a great deal of their time to helping clients with probate matters.

Here are the top three reasons why:

Will contest – when a will is contested, things can get complicated. A will contest usually results in the loss of estate assets, and can take a long time to resolve. Having an experienced probate lawyer by your side will be critical to protect the assets of the estate and get the issue resolved.

If the assets of the estate include real estate, the Personal Representative is required to take steps to secure the property and ensure it is maintained and insured. Further, the will may require that the property be sold and the proceeds distributed to the beneficiaries. Only a probate attorney experienced in handling real estate matters for their client’s estates should be considered to guide the Personal Representative through this process.

If the estate contains a business, this can complicate the probate process even further. And when things get complicated, you need professional advice. Usually, you will need to get a valuation on the business and manage how it is to be passed on or sold. If this is the case, professional help will prove invaluable.

Probate is like a puzzle, with many pieces that must be expertly managed to ensure that the process goes smoothly and as quickly as possible.

If you have been named personal representative for an estate, contact our Fort Myers law firm for helpful guidance on the Florida probate process.

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