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5 Things a Business Lawyer Can Do For You Better Than DIY Legal Help

Here are five things a business lawyer can do for you better than DIY legal agreements:

1. A business attorney can set a firm legal foundation for your business.

The first step every business owner must take is deciding on the type of entity he or she will choose to operate the business -- i.e., limited liability company (LLC), corporation, partnership, sole proprietor, etc. Each has their advantages and disadvantages and having a business attorney on board from the beginning will ensure you don’t choose incorrectly.

2. A business lawyer can help you set the right rules.

The rules your business will operate under -- known as corporate governance documents -- are unique to each company and are a must if more than one owner or partner is involved. These include bylaws, an operating agreement, a buy-sell agreement, confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements and more. While you can find many templates for these online, those templates are one-size-fits-all and do not take into account the uniqueness of your particular company.

3. A business attorney helps you avoid problems.

There’s a reason that attorneys are called counselors -- they counsel clients on the best course of action in legal matters. Having that experienced counsel can be invaluable to a business owner who may not have the experience or legal knowledge to foresee potential problems and prevent them from occurring. This is especially true when it comes to drafting contracts with vendors, employees and customers.

4. A business lawyer can help you with an exit strategy.

One day you or your partner will leave your business, and you want to be sure that there is an exit strategy that clearly spells out what will happen when that day comes. A business lawyer can help you create a succession plan that protects your investment in the business.

5. A business attorney will represent you in a lawsuit.

While having a business attorney on board early in the life of your company will probably reduce the likelihood that you’ll be involved in business litigation, the fact is that most businesses will get sued at some time. If the issue involves the use of a DIY legal agreement, the site where you purchased it will not represent you in court. Your relationship with a knowledgeable business attorney is a proactive step in helping you reduce the cost and stress of litigation.

The Dorcey Law Firm, PLC, provides effective business planning services to Florida business owners. Contact our Fort Myers law firm for your free consultation.

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