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Purpose of a Business Plan

Fort Myers Business Planning Attorney

A well-constructed business plan must accomplish three tasks. Firstly, a business plan should ensure that management is working towards a common set of goals. When the vision for the small business is on paper, the team must then decide the actuality of said vision occurring. If they believe that their goals can be accomplished, they must construct their business plan to attract investors. It has to act like a sales document for professional investors that may only glance over each business plan before moving onto the next. Without a business plan, a business may fail before it has been given the opportunity to succeed. Our Fort Myers business planning lawyer has years of business planning experience, and may be able to assist clients in creating a plan that is custom to them and their business' demands.

Types of Business Planning Agreements

At The Dorcey Law Firm, PLC., we offer planning for buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreement, operating agreements, and business and corporate bylaws. A buy-sell agreement is ideal when two or more people co-own a business. It is also known as a buyout agreement, and it protects the other business owners when a co-owner wants out of the business. It not only ensures the business' protection, but the surviving co-owners and the owner that left, as well. A shareholder's agreement is also known as a stockholder's agreement, and it governs the relationship between small business owners. One of the most important documents in a business plan is an operating agreement. This item structures a business' financial and working relationships with co-owners that best suits the business. Corporation and business bylaws create daily operating procedures for a corporation or business. All of these business planning agreements are imperative in establishing a proper, functioning business plan.

Business Attorney in Ft. Myers

With years of legal experience, our firm has written hundreds of business plans for small business clients. Business plans are essentially road maps for your company. They identify what your company needs to do in order to become a possibly successful company. Business plans increase the strength, credibility, and organization of companies, no matter how old or new they are. If you wish to create a business plan for your business, fill out a complimentary case evaluation, or contact our office to schedule an appointment with a lawyer who specializes in business law from The Dorcey Law Firm, PLC, today.

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