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Out-of-State Representation

Assistance with the Probate Process

If your late loved one was a Florida resident and you live in another state, it is important to seek the assistance of a Fort Myers probate lawyer for assistance with the probate process. Many of the states have different probate laws regarding wills, distribution of assets and other matters, but we are experienced and can provide assistance to out-of-state family members. We can walk you through the entire Florida probate process, from choosing the best form of probate for an estate to representing your best interests in estate and trust litigation.

Lee County Elder Law Attorney

If your loved ones have retired to Florida or are lifelong residents, we can assist you in protecting both them and their assets. One of the most important aspects of elder law is planning for your loved one's medical future. We can analyze their financial situation to ensure that they will be able to afford an assisted living home or at-home healthcare if needed. Through estate planning tools like wills, trusts and guardianships, we can help ensure that your loved ones are properly protected both now and later.

Choose Experienced Legal Counsel for Your Case

The Dorcey Law Firm, PLC is experienced in a variety of estate planning and probate matters, including representing out-of-state clients. We understand that it can be difficult to care for your parents if they retire to Florida and you live in another state, but we can help insure that they are not taken advantage of and that their assets are protected. We have proudly represented more than 2,400 clients, and you can rest assured that your legal matters will be effectively and efficiently if you work with our firm. Contact us for more information about our elder law and out-of-state services. To learn more about your specific legal matters, complete a free case evaluation from our firm today!

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