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What is Offshore Asset Protection?

When you have offshore asset protection, your entire asset portfolio is removed from the United States legal system, and transferred to a country of your choice. Some countries have stronger asset protection than others, so it is important to choose a country that offers a high level of asset protection. When you transfer your assets offshore, you continue to maintain full control of your assets. In the event that you are sued or facing any legal duress, an offshore trustee will control your assets, and they will be overseen by an offshore trust protector. The trust protector is a person of your choice, and they are responsible for managing the trust. They may also accept advice from you during your legal issues. If you are interested in creating an offshore asset protection account, please contact a Fort Myers asset protection attorney from our firm.

Why protect assets offshore?

If a United States creditor tries to pursue your offshore assets, it will not be an easy process. Since your assets are located in another jurisdiction, creditors will have to pursue your assets through that country's legal system. They will have to pay a large sum of money to see if may even have a valid case in that country's court. An American attorney may not have foreign jurisdiction, so the creditor will have to hire local representation. If the case actually makes it to court, the case must be opened and closed within a 2 year period; otherwise, it will be thrown out. Outside courts do not have jurisdiction over offshore trustees, and cannot order a seizure of assets in the trust. These legal problems are often enough to deter any creditor or court from attacking your assets.

Asset Protection Attorney in Fort Myers, Florida

Floridian residents already have outstanding asset protection by just living in the state. Florida protects residents and their houses from creditors' claims. However, if a person feels it is necessary to establish offshore asset protection, The Dorcey Law Firm, PLC, may be able to help. Please fill out a free case evaluation, or call our office to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced estate planning lawyers.

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