Protecting and Preserving your Family Legacy

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“We are dedicated to keeping your estate plan current with changes in your life and the law, providing you with peace of mind knowing your legacy will continue through all seasons of life.”

Annual Maintenance Services Outline

Ongoing Reasonable Access To Our Firm

Our team is readily available to answer your questions or concerns during work hours via telephone, email, or in person, with a 24-hour maximum response time (except weekends). You will never receive a bill for reasonable telephone calls or answering emails. Priority appointments for app members within a week of request (Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm). Monthly newsletter exclusive to app members delivered via email or U.S. mail containing articles related to our team, as well as topics of interest to keep you updated with the latest trends in estate planning and retirement. In addition, you will receive correspondence from us when there are urgent changes in the law or techniques that will affect your family.

Client Educational Opportunities

Within our Auto-Pilot Planning Program, we offer free educational workshops on various topics related to estate planning; A free consultation with your trustee or successor trustee to educate them on their duties and responsibilities; Trustee “Training”; Workshops on Medicaid issues, Continuing care/geriatric care assistance, Stretch IRA’s, Gift Planning, and Estate Planning.

Collaborate With Your Financial Advisors, Accountants and Insurance Professionals

The Auto-Pilot Planning Program includes our team collaborating with your other professional advisors so that we are all working together with the mutual goal of taking care of you and your family. We will provide copies of your estate planning documents to your financial professional advisors upon request, with instructions to implement your wishes.

Asset Review, Tracking, and Continuous Funding

Funding of your initial assets into your trust was handled at the time your trust was prepared. Our team regularly reviews the character and ownership of your assets and provides you with an annual report to ensure that all of your assets are properly funded into your trust and that all beneficiary designations are coordinated with your overall plan.

Estate Planning Document Updates

We believe that estate planning is a process and not a transaction. In our experience, the only was to ensure that an estate plan accomplishes your wishes, is to realize that there will be changes in your life and changes in the law. Our Auto-Pilot Planning Program provides updating your documents as needed to help ensure that your estate plan stays current and consistent with your intent and the changes in the law. This ongoing process will ensure that your plan is up to date and will provide you with peace of mind that things will be taken care of when you pass. By serving as your trust advisor, we are able to assist you in updating your trust when it comes to changes in the tax laws, regulations, and judicial decisions even when you are unable to do so.

Family Care Meeting

The family care meetings provide an opportunity when needed for all of us to sit down and understand your plan with your trusted family members and professional advisors who will execute your plan. Any questions that you or your family members may have of your advisors can be answered at that meeting and, if necessary, any potential issues will be addressed.

Additional Member Benefits

  • Free notary public services
  • Invitation to annual client appreciation event
  • Docubank — Twenty-four hour emergency access to your estate planning documents via an 800 number.
  • FairSplit – “Divide Things, Not Families” – Private Online account to inventory home assets, designate who gets what, use to downsize, distribute, and during a divorce.

Free Virtual Estate Planning Workshop