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Helping Clients Who Have An Immediate Need for Health Care Coverage in Florida

Sometimes, life can strike without warning. When it does, it can appear as a sudden illness or injury, but no matter the specific circumstances, the fact is that you or someone you love needs help now. Whether it’s medical treatment or nursing home care, finding affordable options on short notice can feel like a futile affair. With support from Dorcey Law Firm, however, it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Our Medicaid crisis planning attorneys in Fort Myers can help you evaluate your best possible options for seeing necessary care and how Florida’s Medicaid program can help you afford it. We have years of experience guiding people through the Medicaid process when they need to find an affordable solution on short notice. Reach out to Dorcey Law Firm for a free consultation where we can help you discover options that can be available to you!

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What’s the Cost of Long-Term Care?

As the Baby Boomer generation is rapidly transitioning into its elder years, it’s important for these new senior citizens to consider the costs of the long-term care they will one day need. While location is a big factor in determining how much you’ll pay, the Genworth Cost of Care Study in 2019 found that the median annual cost for a room in a nursing home was around $102,000 annually. To compound matters, that price tag was expected to increase by about 3 percent each year.

While stays in nursing homes tend to be short, at around two years, advances in medical care and treatment mean folks are living a lot longer than they used to. This means that your cost for care in a nursing home could end up becoming much greater than you or your family ever expected, which is where getting financial assistance through Medicaid comes into play.

As a cooperative program between the federal government and Florida, Medicaid can provide those with lower incomes and limited financial resources the ability to afford the care they need – especially when a health crisis caused by injury or sudden illness takes hold. Qualifying for Medicaid can be difficult, however, which is why you should seek this type of relief with the assistance of a Medicaid crisis planning attorney guiding you through each step.

Navigating the Medicaid Maze

Medicaid programs vary depending upon their respective states, but each one is as complex as the next. Qualifying for this much-needed type of assistance can be a bit of a labyrinth, but it always begins with your income and assets falling below a state-determined threshold to qualify for assistance. In Florida, that amount tends to be very low at no more than $2,000 after factoring in applicable exemptions like your home and vehicle.

Marriage can complicate eligibility when one spouse requires Medicaid assistance. If a couple together does not have enough financial resources to afford care, seeking relief through Medicaid isn’t always easy. There exists a Maximum Community Spouse Resource Allowance of about $128,640 in non-exempt assets to qualify. This means that if a couple together has this amount or greater in their marriage, they must relieve their assets until one spouse can account for a maximum of $2,000 to qualify while the other spouse can account for about $63,210.

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This is not an easy process to navigate all on your own – and especially not when you need care right now. That’s why you should seek the assistance of a Medicaid crisis planning attorney in Fort Myers from Dorcey Law Firm for help!

Contact us online or call (239) 309-2870 to reach out to our Fort Myers Medicaid crisis planning attorneys.

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