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Do You Need Assistance with a Disaster Relief Plan?

Dorcey Law Firm has made it easy for you to anticipate the consequences of a natural disaster and react accordingly with its Five-Step Process for Disaster Protection. With hurricane devastation and heavy flooding becoming an annual reality in much of Florida, there is no better time than now to take advantage of our easy-to-follow steps.

When natural disasters strike, it is so important to make sure homeowners insurance funds are escrowed. Over the years our disaster relief attorneys have assisted many of our clients by escrowing their construction and remediation funds, and have found that it protects both the homeowner and the contractor. From our experience, we have created a five-step process to help someone that is filing an insurance claim, paying out of pocket for construction, or a contractor that wants to ensure construction funds are secure.

Our Five-Step Process for Disaster Protection

Please follow the process below to ensure you can be as protected as possible for a disaster:

  1. Contact Dorcey Law Firm for a free evaluation of your situation and to sign an Escrow Agreement.* (This is the first step so the insurance company will have authority to communicate with our firm, and no fees will be collected until funds are deposited for escrowing)
  2. Deposit funds into our Law Firm Trust Account if you have already filed and received your insurance check for a recent natural disasters. Alternatively, if you have not yet filed a claim, have been underpaid or worse have been rejected entirely, we will assist you in filing or contesting your claim. Any assistance filing a claim or contesting a claim will be done on a contingency fee basis, and no fees will be due unless we are successful.
  3. Hire a contractor or consult with our firm to find one that can be trusted. We can research and vet reputable and licensed contractors that you can choose from to perform the necessary work. We focus on contractors who are suited for disaster reparations, flood damage, wind damage, tornado damage and hurricane damage.
  4. The contractor signs the same escrow agreement, which will become an addendum to the construction contract.
  5. All draws will be paid out based on the draw schedule within the construction contract and with the homeowner’s consent.

Why We Created This Plan

The goal of our five-step process is to ensure that:

  • No one gives money to a bad contractor, an unlicensed contractor, or ends up with poor craftsmanship
  • That good contractors get paid for the work they perform.

Our lawyers have seen situations where a client makes a deposit with a contractor in a time of need and the contractor does not show up for weeks, doesn’t perform according to the contract or worse never shows up at all. We’ve also seen situations where the contractor fully performs under the contract, but the family in a time of need spent the insurance money and could not pay the contractor the final draw.

This is a bad deal for everyone, and why escrowing your construction funds is so important. We at Dorcey Law Firm know that your home(s) or business may have been damaged and we want to protect your interests. Please beware of depositing funds with any contractors or handymen without speaking to us first.

No matter if you are a homeowner or contractor make sure the funds are escrowed with a law firm so you don’t get ripped off! Lastly, in our experience, insurance carriers often offer less than or close to your deductible to encourage a quick settlement; however, with proper legal counsel you may be entitled to more money. Don’t negotiate or settle on your own!

If you need legal assistance to protect your property from natural disasters, contact us online or call (239) 309-2870.

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Our Firm's Escrow Agreement Package Options

Standard Escrow Agreement Package

In addition to what is included in the Basic Escrow Agreement Package, Dorcey Law Firm will prepare a comprehensive Arbitration/Mediation provision for the Escrow Agreement. In our attorneys’ experience, if a dispute arises between the Homeowner and the Contractor, it can take up to two years for the matter to be resolved. During this time period, a Homeowner may be left without a completed renovation, or the Contractor may be left without final payment for services completed. Therefore, in our experience, by utilizing a contractual arbitration agreement that is customized for these specific circumstances a client is in, our attorneys can reduce the time and money spent on litigation, and can require the matter be resolved within sixty (60) days of the dispute. The Standard Escrow Agreement Package is our most popular package.

Concierge Level Escrow Agreement Package

In addition to what is included in the Basic and Standard Escrow Agreement Packages, Dorcey Law Firm will fully research and vet up to three licensed, bonded, and insured construction companies of your choice. Upon choosing a Contractor, Dorcey Law Firm will negotiate and assist in the drafting of the construction contract, and will provide the comprehensive binding arbitration language in such a contract to reduce the time and the expense of a dispute between the Homeowner and the Contractor.

In addition to receiving an Affidavit from both the Homeowner and the Contractor, before any draw will be made, Dorcey Law Firm will engage an independent, licensed contractor or home inspector to verify the Contractor has performed all requisite work under the Construction Contract. Before the final draw will be paid, Dorcey Law Firm will verify that all subcontractors have been paid by providing a title search and having the contractor sign an Affidavit of Satisfaction of all subcontractors. This extra level of service will provide the Homeowner an independent verification of the quality craftsmanship of the work being performed by the construction company. The Concierge Level Escrow Agreement Package is designed for contracts of significant value and importance.

‘A la Carte’ Escrow Agreement Package

In addition to the Basic or Standard Package, Dorcey Law Firm will provide a full research package on three (3) construction companies that we have already fully vetted for your choosing and you can retain Dorcey Law Firm to review the contractors agreement. (2) In addition to the Standard Package, Dorcey Law Firm will verify that all subcontractors have been paid by providing a title search, and having the contractor sign an Affidavit of Satisfaction of all subcontractors.

For more information and legal assistance, please reach out to our disaster protection attorneys in Fort Myers online!

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