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Ensuring the Health, Safety, and Welfare of the Animals

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Attorney Erica Johnson is our Fort Myers equine law attorney. As devoted as she is to her clients as one of the firm’s Junior Partners, Erica Johnson has been equally dedicated to the equine industry for virtually her entire life. She sat on a horse for the very first time at the age of four. By the age of six, she was entering into her first nationally rated horse show. She has experienced the falls and broken bones, the purchase of a horse gone horribly wrong, witnessed the trainer chase the client for payment of monthly board, and seen the unauthorized use of others’ horses and equipment.

Protecting the Equine Industry

As Dorcey Law Firm’s lead of the Equine Law Division, Erica has the ability to assist and protect the rights and interests of all parties within the equine industry, including, but not limited to, owners, riders, trainers, breeders, judges, facility managers, equine health professionals (i.e. veterinarians, chiropractors, massage therapists, and farriers), and even spectators.

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What is Equine Law?

In addition to the protection of those involved in the equine industry by reducing liability and protecting against negligence or willful wrongdoing, Equine Law is designed to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the animals; dictate industry standards for breeding, purchasing, selling, leasing, boarding, and training; promote fair and safe competition; and educate industry participants, spectators, and other non-industry bystanders about the inherent dangers and hazards associated with equine activity.

Why Choose Us to Protect You and Your Horse?

There is only one thing every person in the industry will agree on, regardless of what side of a dispute they may be on – the financial investment in the equine industry is high. For most professionals in the industry, the business they have built, whether it is a training facility, investors in high performance show horses, breeders, or equine health professionals, it is their livelihood. For the rest who are lucky enough to have the time and resources to engage in the industry as a hobby or pastime, it requires a strong financial investment with the expectation of no or little return. So, what is it an equine professional or participant can do to protect their livelihood or their investment?

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